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LockBit, a notable Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) entity, has significantly impacted global cybersecurity. It enables criminals to …

LockBit resurfaces boldly while law enforcement hinted engagement with its leader

Progress in dismantling LockBit: Operation Cronos’s recent successes, including arrests and server captures, alongside PRODAFT’s …

LockBit ransomware operations disrupted by international Operation Cronos, a major blow to cybercriminals

Data breach at vendor Infosys McCamish Systems impacts Bank of America customers, exposing sensitive data.

Ransomware attack on Westpole affects PA Digitale, a subsidiary of the Italian government. Numerous public …

LockBit ransomware targets India’s National Aerospace Laboratories and threatens to publish stolen data.

CitrixBleed is actively being exploited. It is crucial to patch vulnerable NetScaler devices and invalidate …

China’s Government-Owned Bank, ICBC, reportedly paying ransomware to Russia-linked Lockbit, could underscore tensions in international …

The LockBit ransomware gang leaked 43GB data stolen from Boeing, including backups and old strategic …

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