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How Cybersecurity Companies Recruit Executives and Essential Considerations for Candidates

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Welcome back to another episode of the Cubic Lighthouse Podcast! Today, we’ve got a special guest, Juliette Kasko. She is a seasoned cybersecurity executives recruitment specialist from Singapore. Juliette dives deep into her transition from corporate sales to executive search consulting, the intricacies of retained executive searches, and the differences between various types of recruiters. Juliette will also be sharing her insights on the emerging Ukraine Tech Ecosystem, discussing the impact of AI in the recruitment process, and shedding light on the growing complexity of matching CVs to job criteria. Whether you’re a candidate navigating your career journey or an employer aiming to recruit executives effectively, tune into this episode for expert insights and a masterclass in executive search.


In this conversation, Kasko stresses the importance of aligning career aspirations with personal strengths and interests, urging candidates to be realistic about their capabilities. Additionally, the evolution of AI-driven innovations and global dynamics requires cybersecurity professionals to adapt, collaborate, and embrace change. These are essential for driving meaningful outcomes for both employers and candidates in the cybersecurity field. Such qualities and considerations are precisely what hiring managers seek when recruiting executives in this domain.



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