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Must Read “See Yourself in Cyber” | Book Review with Author Ed Adams

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity has emerged as a critical domain, demanding skilled professionals to safeguard sensitive information and combat cyber threats. Recently, we had the privilege of delving into the insightful review of Ed Adams’ book, ‘See Yourself in Cyber: Security Careers Beyond Hacking.’


This engaging discussion not only explored the challenges and opportunities within the cybersecurity industry but also provided valuable insights into the evolving nature of cybersecurity careers and strategies for success. Join us as we recap the highlights, from breaking misconceptions to promoting diversity and inclusion, and discover how individuals can thrive in this dynamic and ever-changing field.

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Exploring “See Yourself in Cyber”: A Conversation with Ed Adams


The conversation between Guy Marong, our host and the guest, Ed Adams, delves into the essence of Adam’s recently published book, “See Yourself in Cyber: Security Careers Beyond Hacking.”


As the conversation begins, Guy highlights Adams’ impressive career in application security and career trajectory. Adams then briefly introduces himself as the president and CEO of Security Innovation, a company focusing on application security testing and training. He also mentions his involvement with a nonprofit organization aimed at improving diversity in cybersecurity.


Breaking Barriers: Addressing Challenges in Cybersecurity


Adams explains that he was inspired to write the book to address two recurring problems in the cybersecurity industry. Firstly, many individuals, especially younger ones, face challenges entering the field despite the abundance of job opportunities. Secondly, companies struggle to find and retain cybersecurity talent due to mismatches between job requirements and candidate qualifications. He aims to dispel the myth that cybersecurity is solely about hacking and provide practical guidance for both job seekers and employers.


Expanding Horizons: The Reach of “See Yourself in Cyber


The discussion delves into the audience for Adams’ book, which includes not only job seekers and hiring managers in cybersecurity but also professionals in non-cyber fields who can benefit from learning basic security skills.
Adams highlights the critical role of diversity and inclusion in the cybersecurity sector, emphasizing the need for more women and underrepresented minorities to explore careers within it. He stresses that diverse teams lead to better decision-making and improved cybersecurity defenses.


Guy and Adams discuss the evolving nature of cybersecurity careers, touching on emerging trends such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing. Adams acknowledges the need to update the book to incorporate these trends in future editions.


Adams shares insights he gained while writing the book, including the discovery that many successful cybersecurity professionals did not come from technical backgrounds. He underscores the value of mentorship and credits his understanding wife for supporting him throughout the writing process.


In summary, the conversation provides valuable insights into Adams’ motivations for writing the book, its target audience, and its relevance to the evolving landscape of cybersecurity careers. The discussion underscores the importance of diversity, education, and mentorship in shaping the future of cybersecurity. Adams’ book, “See Yourself in Cyber”, aims to empower individuals seeking to enter the field while encouraging companies to adopt more inclusive hiring practices.




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