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Women in Cybersecurity: Insights, Career Tips, and Tech Trends | Candid Discussion with Penny Wong

Empowering Women in Cybersecurity: Career Insights and Technological Transformations


In this insightful dialogue, Penny Wong and Guy Marong delve into the vital role of women in cybersecurity, offering invaluable career tips and insights into technology-driven career paths. Drawing from their own professional journeys, they illuminate the transformative impact of advancements like AI and blockchain. They give practical tips and share real stories about things like stopping payment fraud and why it’s important to keep learning about new technology. Join us for a conversation filled with wisdom and practical guidance, suited for seasoned experts and newcomers alike.

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Penny joins Guy in an engaging conversation, delving into her remarkable career journey. Her career tips and insights will help your career in the fields of cybersecurity, blockchain, and AI. Penny’s career trajectory is shaped by her early fascination with emerging technologies, nurtured by her exposure to Star Trek at a young age. She shares her beginnings in cybersecurity, sparked by her desire to fix her own phone. That is how she delved into the world of technology and computer viruses.


Starting as a business analyst and solution architect, Penny quickly became immersed in high-stakes projects in the payment and telecommunications sectors. Her experience in rescuing over 50 failing digital projects across various industries underscored the importance of understanding human dynamics alongside technological solutions.


Penny’s expertise extends into the payment industry, where she spearheaded projects to combat fraud and design resilient payment systems. Moreover, her work in reducing fraud levels to a mere 0.03% showcased her strategic approach to balancing risk mitigation with customer experience. All the while leveraging AI and human collaboration. She talks about how blockchain technology has changed over time. It’s all about making payment systems better and helping people who don’t have bank accounts.


Transitioning into AI, Penny explores its transformative potential and ethical implications, particularly in cybersecurity. She emphasizes the need for proactive defense strategies against emerging threats such as deepfakes and social engineering. Penny’s interdisciplinary approach integrates health technology with security, envisioning real-time authentication solutions using wearable devices like the Oura ring.


Unlocking Career Success: Strategies and Career tips from Penny’s Journey


In reflecting on her journey, Penny offers valuable advice to her peers and aspiring professionals. She stresses the importance of self-care to prevent burnout in the fast-paced cybersecurity industry. She encourages curiosity, resilience, and a willingness to embrace failure as essential traits for success.


Furthermore, Penny emphasizes the value of interdisciplinary learning and community engagement. They will help you in navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity and emerging technologies. One of her career tips in this video emphasizes the crucial role of people in cybersecurity. Penny emphasizes the necessity for continuous learning and effective communication in the face of evolving technological landscapes.


In conclusion, Penny’s insights give you career tips and shed light on the dynamic intersection of cybersecurity, blockchain, and AI. The conversation shows how important human creativity is in protecting digital systems. Penny’s journey proves how curiosity and flexibility can make a big difference. She has shown the value of continuous learning in shaping a successful career in technology.




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