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DORA Regulation Explained

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In the first episode of our series, we dive deep into the European Digital Operational Resiliency Act, or DORA regulation, alongside Pierre Noel, a global CISO with extensive experience. Hosted by Guy Marong, we explore the implications and coverage of this new regulation, shedding light on its significance and the potential impact it carries. We emphasize that DORA is not to be taken lightly, as it covers the European Union, including Switzerland, and extends its reach to all financial organizations under the jurisdiction of local financial regulators in these areas. The regulation addresses key areas such as ICT risk management, third-party oversight, incident reporting, and systematic testing, bringing a new level of accountability to the management and resiliency of financial institutions.


As we continue in the upcoming episodes, we will take a deeper dive into each specific aspect of DORA, providing comprehensive insights and discussions on each topic. Stay tuned for expert analysis and valuable insights from our guests as we unriddle the complexities of this impactful regulation!



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