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Career Guidance in Information Security with Benoit Heynderickx

Lessons shared by an esteemed Expert

Embark on a captivating conversation with Benoit Heynderickx. Benoit is an accomplished cybersecurity expert with a rich background in finance, IT auditing, and information security. Uncover the profound repercussions of the Enron scandal, witness Benoit’s career transition, and glean wisdom from his experiences at Sony. Explore the intricacies of information security challenges and opportunities. He shares stories from his journey through the dynamic evolution of cybersecurity practices. Join us for a brief yet insightful exploration of the ever-evolving landscape of information security.

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Born in France, Benoit’s career began in financial accounting. His career took a pivotal role with his transition to IT auditing. Joining Mazars in France, he delved into auditing, focusing on IT audits after the Enron scandal reshaped industry priorities.


In 2006, Benoit relocated to London, where he eventually joined Sony. Initially in internal audit, he soon moved into an information security role following the PlayStation hack. Benoit reflects on Sony’s challenges, including product diversification and subsequent restructuring. He believes in the need to pivot from producing more to focusing on core products for sustained profitability.


Transitioning to Sony Mobile, he embraced the dynamic realm of cloud technology, contributing to the development of mobile applications. In this phase, SAP security emerged as a key focus, showcasing Benoit’s pioneering work in this area. Sony Mobile’s unique work culture and emphasis on cloud projects enhanced Benoit’s expertise.


Post-Sony Mobile, Benoit pursued a part-time Master’s degree, furthering his interest in research. He then found his way to the Information Security Forum (ISF), a not-for-profit organization providing benchmarks and valuable insights for its members.



Discussing his advice for cybersecurity professionals, Benoit stresses the importance of continuous learning. He encourages professionals to be open to learning from anyone, regardless of their experience level. His journey underscores the significance of staying curious and adaptable in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity.


Furthermore, Benoit recommends aspiring professional to self-reflect and identify specific areas of interest within cybersecurity. He emphasizes the need to choose a path aligned with individual passion. Considering the expansive nature in the cybersecurity field, he advocates finding a niche that resonates and pursuing it wholeheartedly.


Reflecting on the shortage of cybersecurity talent, Benoit highlights the collaborative nature of the field. A key factor is building relationships and networks.


In the end, the conversation concludes with a glimpse into the Information Security Forum’s role as a think tank, contributing to cybersecurity research, best practices, and knowledge dissemination. Benoit expresses his enthusiasm for teaching and learning, a sentiment evident in his contributions to webinars, conferences, and publications.


For those interested in delving deeper into cybersecurity insights, Cubic Lighthouse also offers blogs and podcasts on diverse topics.



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