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How Companies Recruit Cybersecurity Executives with Juliet Kasko

The Future of Recruitment

In this insightful video, our host Guy converses with Juliette Kasko, a principal executive search consultant. Juliette reflects on her extensive career journey, transitioning from corporate sales to becoming a leader in recruiting cybersecurity executives. With a focus on blockchain, cybersecurity, and related tech sectors, she shares valuable insights into the evolving demands and trends within these industries.

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Juliette highlights the importance of aligning stakeholders’ expectations during the hiring process, emphasizing the need for realistic candidate expectations. She provides a detailed overview of the executive search process, explaining the difference between retained executive search and success-based recruiters. Juliette emphasizes the significance of understanding a company’s culture and strategy to ensure successful candidate placements.


The conversation delves into the impact of remote work on hiring, with Juliette noting that many companies are increasingly open to remote arrangements. This is leading to a more globally competitive talent market.


The conversation also includes insights into contract types, with Juliette discussing the prevalence of contract roles, especially during transitions such as layoffs or restructurings. Additionally, she shares her perspective on companies’ expectations, noting that a significant portion often begins with unrealistic expectations but can be guided toward more achievable goals through thorough discovery and alignment processes.


In-demand skills for cybersecurity executives

Juliette addresses the rising importance of soft skills in cybersecurity roles. Professionals in the field need to communicate the business impact of cybersecurity measures effectively.


Regarding specific skill demands in the industry, Juliette highlights the growing need for professionals with both technical expertise and strong social skills. The discussion also touches on language barriers, particularly in the cybersecurity sector, and the importance of cultural fit within teams.


Overall, Juliette’s expertise offers a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity executive search landscape, providing valuable guidance for both cybersecurity executives and candidates in navigating the complexities of hiring and recruitment within the dynamic fields of cybersecurity and blockchain.



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