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Cyberattack Paralyzes Varta’s Global Manufacturing Operations

What Happened

Nearly two weeks have passed since Varta AG, a leading German battery manufacturer, first detected a cyberattack on its systems.

This cyberattack has forced Varta to keep its systems offline, affecting its wide range of battery and storage products for both household and industrial purposes. Despite efforts to resolve the issue, production remains halted at its plants located in Germany, Romania, and Indonesia.

Updates from Varta

Varta has been communicating updates on the situation.

In a recent statement, the company expressed uncertainty about the timeline for fully resuming production.

There is currently no reliable information on how long it will take to process and resolve the attack or on when production at all five global production sites will be fully operational. However, the first parts of the plants are expected to start up again next week,

Varta stated.

It is now clear that the cyberattack was carried out by an organised group of hackers who managed to break through the high security standards of Varta’s IT systems with a high level of criminal energy.

The company has also acknowledged the sophistication of the attackers.

A task force, including analysts and forensic experts, is diligently working on a step-by-step recommissioning of the systems.

Impact of the Cyberattack

The Varta cyberattack has led to a significant disruption in the company’s operations, with all five production plants being proactively shut down for security reasons.

This has not only impacted Varta’s ability to meet customer demands but has also led to a loss of emails sent to the company between February 12 and 18.

The ongoing investigation aims to assess the full extent of the damage and its insurance coverage. Furthermore, Varta’s share price has experienced a 4.75% decline following the cyberattack announcement.

About Varta

Varta AG is a powerhouse in the battery manufacturing industry, with a history of innovation spanning 136 years. The company is known for its high-quality batteries designed for automotive, consumer, and industrial sectors.

Varta’s product range includes lithium-ion miniaturized batteries and power banks, catering to a global market. With annual revenues exceeding $873 million, Varta remains a critical player in the energy storage solutions sector.



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