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Integris Health’s Massive Data Breach Notice in US

What Happened

Integris Health, Oklahoma’s largest not-for-profit healthcare network, recently disclosed a massive patient data breach to the US authorities. The breach occurred following a cyberattack in November and impacted nearly 2.4 million people.

Despite not disrupting the network, the breach allowed threat actors to extort patients by threatening to sell their personal information. Integris Health confirmed the incident on December 26, 2023, after patients began receiving extortion emails. The attackers did not encrypt data but stole it, aiming to sell the information on the dark web if their demands were not met.


The massive patient data breach in the US has significant implications for both Integris Health and the individuals affected.

The breach exposed personal information, including:

  • full names,
  • dates of birth,
  • contact details,
  • demographic information,
  • Social Security Numbers (SSN).

This exposure puts nearly 2.4 million people at risk of identity theft, fraud, and other cybercrimes.

Since the deadline for the ransom demand has passed, the likelihood that the stolen data has been sold or shared with other cybercriminals remains high, posing ongoing risks.

The breach has raised concerns about the security of personal information within the healthcare sector.


In response to the breach, Integris Health is taking several steps to mitigate the impact and prevent future incidents.

The organization has released a privacy notice, and is also notifying all affected patients about the incident. This privacy notice includes information on the breach’s impact and protective measures individuals can take.

Additionally, Integris Health continues to encourage vigilance among affected patients to spot and report identity theft and fraud attempts early.

Closing Comments

This massive patient data breach notification in the US comes as a ransomware attack disrupted 20+ hospitals in Romania.

Unfortunately, there has been a recent increase in cyberattacks targeting the healthcare industry, including hospitals. These attacks have severe consequences, such as disruptions to critical health services and the disclosure of sensitive patient data. It even goes to the extent of threatening patients.

These incidents clearly demonstrate that healthcare has become a prime target for cybercriminals.

Moreover, the successful breaches underscore the vulnerability of healthcare organizations. It is crucial for the healthcare industry to implement strong cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive patient information and ensure uninterrupted service for patients.



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