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[Zero-Day] Google’s Urgent Chrome Update

Executive Summary

Google recently released critical security updates for Chrome, addressing vulnerabilities that affect all Chromium-based web browsers, including a zero-day exploit.

None of the vulnerabilities currently have an available CVSS score.

We highly recommend promptly updating Chrome and remaining vigilant for fixes on other Chromium-based browsers.

Zero-Day: CVE-2024-0519

The most critical vulnerability Google fixed is the first zero-day of Chrome in 2024, CVE-2024-0519.

This vulnerability stems from an out-of-bounds memory access flaw in the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. It potentially enables attackers to access data beyond memory buffers, leading to unauthorised access to sensitive information or system crashes.

This issue may also facilitate bypassing protection mechanisms like ASLR, simplifying code execution through other vulnerabilities.

ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomisation) is a security feature that randomises the memory addresses where system and application components are loaded into memory. This feature aims to make it harder for attackers to predict the location of specific functions or vulnerabilities in a program’s memory. Consequently, it becomes more difficult for them to exploit known security flaws.

Google has acknowledged attacks exploiting this vulnerability but has not disclosed any further details.


Another patched vulnerability is CVE-2024-0517, an “out of bounds write” flaw within the V8 JavaScript and WebAssembly engine.

This vulnerability could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code by manipulating heap memory through malicious HTML pages.


This vulnerability, CVE-2024-0518, also presents a high-severity risk. It pertains to type confusion within the V8 engine.

Exploitation of this vulnerability could result in heap corruption through crafted HTML pages, potentially granting attackers unauthorised access.


These security patches are crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of your web browsing experience. Users should update their browsers promptly to protect themselves from potential exploits.

For more information, please visit Google’s security advisory.

Once again, please note that security updates are necessary for other Chromium-based browsers as well. It is advisable to follow the release notes and update procedures for other browsers. Stay safe and secure while browsing the web!

Lastly, given the history of frequent Chrome fixes, including zero-days, it is advisable for users to closely monitor updates from Google.



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