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Empowering Women in Cybersecurity with Stefanie Drysdale & Stevan Bernard

Exploring the Role of Women in Cybersecurity


In this discussion with Stephanie and Stephen, step into the world of cybersecurity as they offer profound insights on women in cybersecurity and their roles in this evolving field. Explore stories from their inspiring career paths as they navigate through challenges encountered and uncover essential tips for success. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring woman in cybersecurity, this discussion serves as your comprehensive guide.

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In the beginning, Guy Marong introduces the guests and highlights Stephanie’s unique product related to executive data protection. They emphasize the need to encourage more women to join the cybersecurity industry and discuss the perceived divide between cybersecurity, considered a male-dominated field, and data protection, which tends to attract more women.


Stephen shares his experience transitioning from law enforcement to corporate security in 1983, acknowledging the positive evolution of the field. He highlights the changing landscape, with women now contributing valuable leadership skills and experience, though it took time to see this shift.


Guy, the host, shares his experience at Sony Electronics, aiming to have at least one woman in every department. The conversation then shifts to Stephanie’s career journey in cybersecurity. Stephanie describes how she entered the field almost accidentally, emphasizing the importance of being open to opportunities and following one’s passion. She details her transition from a startup to corporate security and eventually into the cybersecurity space.


Advice from Stephanie


Furthermore, Stephanie advocates for women to embrace opportunities, speak up, and establish themselves as valuable contributors. The idea of having role models in every discipline of cybersecurity is introduced to showcase the diversity of possibilities within the cybersecurity field. Stephanie agrees with the importance of representation of women in cybersecurity and emphasizes the value that diversity brings to the industry.


The conversation underscores the need for diverse role models in cybersecurity and the value of representation. It touches on the challenges of work-life balance and addresses the observation about married men potentially performing better in cybersecurity. Ultimately, the discussion aims to inspire more individuals, especially women, to pursue careers in cybersecurity.



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