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Massive Data Leak in Brazil: 223 Million Victims

What Happened

In Brazil, a massive data leak impacted over 223 million people. The exposed information included CPF numbers (tax identifiers), full names, dates of birth, and sex details.

This leak occurred through an Elasticsearch instance, a tool used for searching and analyzing large volumes of data.

The source of the breach remains unidentified. Although the data is no longer available, it presented a significant opportunity for threat actors during its exposure.

Massive Data Leaks

In January 2021, Brazil experienced its largest data leak up to that date. It exposed databases containing salary, credit scores, addresses, and tax identifiers of over 220 million people. As a result, the Brazilian government implemented new data protection measures and guidelines.

Similarly, in October 2023, a breach in India affected over 800 million residents, compromising resident IDs and passport numbers. More information about this breach can be found here.

Furthermore, in 2022, there was a breach in China that involved data from a police database, affecting approximately one billion citizens. The compromised data included names, national identification numbers, birth dates, and location data. You can see more information about the breach here.

Closing Comments

These data leaks and breaches demonstrate a global challenge: governments’ struggle to protect citizen data. Strengthening cybersecurity measures is vital to safeguard against identity theft, fraud, and cybercrimes. It’s a reminder of the importance of robust data security to protect individuals’ privacy and safety.



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