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Securing Executives in the Digital Age with Stefanie Drysdale

Join us for an insightful discussion on securing executives in the digital realm with Stefanie Drysdale. Stephanie is the senior VP of Cyber at Prescient, a leading global firm in investigations and cybersecurity. In this discussion, explore the distinctive hurdles encountered by high-profile figures and executives in securing their online footprint. Gain valuable insights into proactive strategies for assessing and mitigating digital risks, providing a holistic approach to executive data security. Don’t overlook this essential conversation about the dynamic cybersecurity landscape and its significance in today’s interconnected environment.

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Join Stephanie and host Guy Marong in this insightful conversation as they introduce Prescient’s innovative strategies for safeguarding executives’ digital footprints.


Prescient is a renowned investigations and cybersecurity firm headquartered in Chicago with offices in key locations like LA, New York, DC, and Dublin. They specialize in safeguarding individuals and companies from digital threats. Their flagship offering, Executive Digital Protection, focuses on assessing and securing online footprints to mitigate risks effectively.


Stephanie underscores the critical importance of proactive measures in protecting digital assets, emphasizing executives’ responsibility to manage their online presence. The conversation delves into the intricate landscape of cybersecurity across diverse regions.


Elevating Security for Executives


Stephanie highlights the importance of customizing strategies to accommodate cultural and legal variations. She notes the time-intensive nature of thoroughly researching and evaluating individuals’ digital footprints. Additionally, she emphasizes prioritizing data privacy to protect sensitive information, advocating for minimized data exposure and careful data handling practices.


Stephanie also discusses the importance of education and awareness in cybersecurity, emphasizing the need to transform security practices from mere awareness to reflexive behavior. Furthermore, Stephanie highlights the broader implications of executive data protection, extending beyond individuals to encompass their families and professional networks.


In terms of cost, Stephanie explains that executive data protection is often considered a duty of care for companies, with the associated expenses typically borne by the organization. As a crucial component of corporate cybersecurity, investments in executive data protection are often tax-deductible, further incentivizing proactive measures.


In summary, Prescient’s proactive approach to executive data protection combines advanced technology, comprehensive research, and personalized education to safeguard clients from digital threats effectively. Prescient excels in prioritizing client confidentiality, adapting strategies to regional nuances, and promoting cybersecurity awareness. Thus, it remains at the forefront of safeguarding individuals and organizations in an increasingly digital world.




Cubic Lighthouse is a cybersecurity publication dedicated to demystifying security, making news actionable, providing deeper thinking about the fundamentals of security, and providing decision-makers and the community at large with the right information to make the right decisions. We will also feature more technical articles and provide personal/family security advice.

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