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Apple to introduce new feature that makes life harder for iPhone thieves

Apple’s New Feature: Stolen Device Protection for iPhones

Executive Summary

As part of its efforts to enhance iPhone security, Apple introduces the Stolen Device Protection feature with the iOS 17.3 update. This feature mandates Face ID or Touch ID authentication, adding a robust layer of defence against theft and unauthorised access. Once available, users can opt-in for the new feature.

Stolen Device Protection is a response to identified scams, where attackers befriend or spy on victims to obtain passcodes in public spaces. Thieves typically disable crucial security features like Activation Lock or Lost Mode, increasing the black market value of stolen iPhones.

About Stolen Device Protection

Apple addresses the rising threat of iPhone theft with Stolen Device Protection, a security feature set to debut in iOS 17.3. The goal is to prevent thieves from carrying out sensitive actions, even if they manage to obtain the passcode of the device.

This feature operates as a secondary security layer, requiring Face ID or Touch ID authentication for sensitive actions. The protection mode activates when a phone is in an unknown location. Once it is active, users must authenticate to perform actions like viewing passwords, erasing content, or modifying Apple ID settings. This proactive approach prevents malicious activities, adding an extra safeguard against potential financial consequences or privacy compromise.

When it is released, users can activate Stolen Device Protection under Face ID and Passcode settings. Currently, the feature is available in the beta version of iOS 17.3. It is expected to roll out to all iPhone users with the official update release.

Apple’s Commitment to User Security

In a statement, an Apple spokesperson emphasised the company’s dedication to developing robust user data protections. Apple has a long-standing reputation for pioneering iPhone data encryption. The upcoming Stolen Device Protection further underscores Apple’s commitment to safeguarding user information.

When iOS 17.3 becomes available, iPhone users can leverage Stolen Device Protection. This will enhance their device’s security, protecting against emerging threats in the ever-evolving digital landscape.



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