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Akira ransomware gang claims the theft of sensitive data from Nissan Australia

Akira Ransomware Claims 100GB Data Theft from Nissan Australia

Executive Summary

The Akira ransomware gang claimed to have breached Nissan Australia and to have stolen around 100GB of files from the carmaker giant.

Nissan Australia, a division of the global car manufacturer, had disclosed a cyberattack in early December. This breach reportedly involved the theft of approximately 100GB of sensitive data. Nissan chose not to pay a ransom. As a result, the company now faces threats of data leaks from the ransomware group.

The situation remains dynamic as Nissan works towards system restoration and provides ongoing updates through its official websites.

About the Nissan Breach

In early December, Nissan Oceania, encompassing Australia and New Zealand, disclosed a cyberattack on its regional division. The multinational automaker promptly engaged with the Australian Cyber Security Centre and the New Zealand National Cyber Security Centre to address the incident. While details on the nature and scope of the attack are currently limited, Nissan is actively investigating and recommends vigilance among its customers.

Nissan Oceania regularly shares updates about the incident on its website. According to the company, the majority of the systems have returned to normal functionality as of December 21. Furthermore, on December 22, Nissan Oceania confirmed that an unauthorised third party illegally accessed some of the company’s systems.

The company also shared the following statement indicating a data breach:

Data security is an important priority at Nissan and we are deeply sorry for any concerns this has caused for those who have been impacted.

Akira’s Claim

The Akira ransomware group, active since March 2023, claimed responsibility for breaching Nissan Australia’s network.

According to the group, they asserted control and threatened to leak 100GB of stolen data. As per the attackers, the stolen data includes sensitive information, such as client and partner details, project information, and NDAs. In response to Nissan Oceneria’s notice regarding the potential leakage of personal information, the group claims that they will confirm it.

About Akira Ransomware

The Akira ransomware, operational since March 2023, utilises sophisticated techniques, targeting organisations across various sectors. The gang is known for targeting large organisations and has been involved in other high-profile breaches.

Operating with skilled actors, Akira leverages compromised VPN credentials and exploits vulnerabilities like CVE-2023-20269 affecting Cisco ASA and FTD. Known for demanding substantial ransoms, Akira encrypts files and poses a significant threat to data security.

To gain more information about the Akira ransomware, you can refer to Trend Micro’s comprehensive report on it.



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