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Exploring a Career in Application Security: Insights from a Red Team Expert

Welcome to an insightful journey into cybersecurity led by Sharath Unni, a renowned red team cybersecurity expert. Delve into the evolution of web security, tackle application challenges, and explore the dynamic world of red teaming. With engaging anecdotes and invaluable insights, Sharath provides wisdom for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to make a successful career in application security.

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Sharath’s Cybersecurity Journey: Navigating a Decade of Growth and Innovation


Sharath unfolds his career in application security and reflects almost a decage ago. Initially, Sharath started working in a security consulting firm with a background in electronics and communication. He learned a lot about web security and offensive strategies, especially penetration testing. At Sony, he dealt with managing security risks in a big global company. He focused on finding and fixing vulnerabilities to stop potential attackers. Moreover, he saw the industry change from just following rules to actively checking and improving security, especially with new regulations like GDPR.

Moving to Security Innovation, Sharath focused on making applications more secure through detailed testing and reviews, helping clients fix weaknesses. Then, at TJX Companies in the US, Sharath set up a new team focused on testing and simulating attacks. They worked closely with other teams, trying to see things from different perspectives.


At Microsoft, Sharath described his current role as leading the penetration testing and red teaming efforts. He emphasized the significance of scaling security operations to align with the high expectations characteristic of a company of Microsoft’s stature. This involves not only ensuring the robustness of Microsoft’s own systems but also contributing to the security ecosystem at large.


Evolution of Application Security


Sharath dives deeper into the evolution of application security highlighting the transition from conventional threats like injections to contemporary challenges such as supply chain attacks and AI-driven threats. Active engagement within the cybersecurity community was underscored by Sharath as vital for cultivating a thriving career in application security. Attending conferences and participating in knowledge-sharing initiatives were underscored as essential practices. These help professionals stay updated on emerging threats and evolving defense strategies, enabling them to navigate and excel in this constantly evolving landscape.


In offering advice to professionals aspiring a career in application security, Sharath recommended exploring defined learning paths tailored to specific areas of interest and career objectives. He encouraged individuals to align their learning with their passions and professional goals. This could involve focusing on offensive security, application security, or risk management. This approach fosters a deeper understanding and expertise in their chosen niche within the cybersecurity domain.


Explore further topics in application security, including red teaming, by watching another insightful video featuring our guest, Sharath. Gain valuable insights and actionable tips to avoid common red teaming mistakes.



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