Fortifying FinTech: Careers in Financial Cybersecurity

Dive deep into the world of financial cybersecurity with ‘Whiskers’ as he shares invaluable insights and firsthand experiences in safeguarding digital assets. Along with Guy Marong, our host, Whiskers will help you navigate compliance challenges within the financial sector. Whether you’re a finance professional or a cybersecurity enthusiast, this interview offers a unique perspective on the critical intersection of finance and digital security.

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Exploring Cybersecurity Insights with Whiskers: A Focus on Financial Cybersecurity


In this enlightening video, hailing from across the globe, Whiskers shares insights into his journey. He discusses how he initially entered the field out of a desire to support his family’s businesses. His own experiences, acquired from accounting to IT support, ultimately contributed to his success in cybersecurity. This underscores the importance of recognizing the value of a diverse skill set.


Whiskers reflects on the pivotal moment that ignited his passion for cybersecurity. He describes that as leading him to delve deeper into information security risk management. From there, he embarked on a journey of managing security programs across Asia Pacific. In his finance and cybersecurity career, he worked extensively with risk assessment teams and vulnerability management services.


Furthermore, the conversation delves into the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, highlighting the exponential growth in demand driven by technological advancements. Whiskers emphasizes the importance of internships for aspiring financial cybersecurity professionals, advocating for hands-on experience and exposure to diverse projects.


As the discussion unfolds, Whiskers shares valuable advice for both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the field. He stresses the significance of treating people well and fostering a culture of respect. Moreover, organizations and individuals should prioritize fostering strong professional relationships. Whiskers shares insights into people management, advocating for treating individuals with respect especially in the context of team dynamics and talent retention.


In conclusion, Whiskers highly encourages cybersecurity professionals to discuss emerging trends in financial cybersecurity, particularly the intersection of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Whiskers suggests a forward-looking approach to staying ahead in the field.




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