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CISA’s Free Cybersecurity Services for Critical Infrastructure

Executive Summary

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has launched a groundbreaking pilot program that offers managed cybersecurity services to critical infrastructure entities that require assistance.

This voluntary initiative expands on CISA’s achievements in mitigating risks and lowering costs for the federal civilian government.

About the Program

CISA’s pilot program offers cutting-edge, CISA-managed cybersecurity shared services to non-federal critical infrastructure organisations. This strategic initiative aims to establish a common baseline for cyber protection. It also seeks to gain valuable insights into evolving threat environments and reduce the frequency and impact of damaging cyber events.

During the initial phase, CISA is prioritising healthcare, water, and K-12 education entities. The goal is to extend support to up to 100 organisations within the current year. To ensure effective support, the agency is engaging with critical infrastructure partners through roundtables and information sessions. These engagements enable CISA to comprehend organizational needs, address concerns, evaluate interest in CISA services, and enhance support scalability.

CISA’s pilot program serves as a model for future expansion and collaboration in the realm of collective cyber defence. Eventually, CISA envisions a future where cost-effective, highly scalable, and innovative cybersecurity solutions become integral to national cyber missions. Notably, this program demonstrates CISA’s commitment to the resilience of critical infrastructure.

CISA encourages entities interested in participating in this program to connect with security advisors at their local CISA office.

Benefits of the Program

Cost-Effective Cyber Defence: Participating entities gain access to cost-effective, cutting-edge cybersecurity services, reducing financial burdens associated with cyber threats.

Insight into Threat Environments: The program provides valuable insights into evolving threat landscapes, enabling organisations to proactively strengthen their cyber defences.

Reduced Frequency and Impact: By establishing a common baseline of cyber protection, the initiative aims to lower the frequency and impact of damaging cyber events, enhancing overall cyber resilience.

Closing Comments – Inspiring Global Action

This initiative serves as an exemplary model for global cyber defence efforts. CISA’s program demonstrates the potential for other countries to adopt and offer similar services to their critical infrastructure entities.

By sharing expertise and establishing common baselines, nations can collectively strengthen their cyber defences and mitigate the impact of cyber threats on critical infrastructure. We sincerely hope that other nations are also inspired to establish similar programs for protecting their critical infrastructure.



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