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Expert Insights: Cloud Migration Mastery

Welcome to our deep dive into cloud migration with Steven Vercauteren, a seasoned expert in cloud and network security. In this session, Steven shares his extensive knowledge on how to successfully navigate the complexities of moving to the cloud, ensuring both efficiency and security.

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Understanding Cloud Migration


Steven starts by addressing the fundamental question: why move to the cloud? Companies often transition for cost savings and operational ease, but Steven emphasizes the importance of a well-thought-out migration plan tailored to specific business needs.


Different Approaches to Cloud Migration:

From lift-and-shift to native cloud solutions, Steven discusses various migration approaches. He advises on choosing the most suitable one based on specific requirements.


Security Implications:

Steven highlights the evolving landscape of cloud security. He emphasizes the shift towards host-based security and the challenges posed by increased scalability.


Adopting a Zero Trust Model:

Steven discusses the significance of adopting a Zero Trust model. This model ensures enhanced security in the cloud environment by treating every user and device as a potential threat until verified.


Resilience and Cost Optimization:

Reflecting on recent trends, Steven emphasizes the importance of resilience in cloud architecture. He also discusses the evolving financial considerations associated with cloud migration.

Steven’s wealth of experience provides invaluable guidance for organizations embarking on their cloud migration journey. By leveraging his expertise and adopting a holistic approach, businesses can navigate the complexities of the cloud landscape with confidence and achieve their desired outcomes.



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