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Chaos to Triumph: Inside Sony Pictures' Epic Battle Against a Destructive Nation-state Cyberattack with Stevan Bernard

Discover Stevan Bernard’s firsthand account of the 2014 cyberattack on Sony Pictures in this video. You will learn vital lessons in crisis management and resilience. And gain insights into the company’s response to the wiper malware attack. Explore collaboration with law enforcement and stakeholder communication. Stevan shares essential guidance for enhancing cybersecurity strategies.

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The cyberattack, characterized as one of the largest corporate breaches in U.S. history, was a harrowing ordeal that required swift action and strategic resilience. As Bernard recounts the events from the initial breach to the aftermath, crisis management, resilience, and business continuity emerge. The attack, initiated by a nation-state adversary, involved a wiper malware aimed at shaming and humiliating the company.


During the conversation, Bernard details the company’s response, including the collaboration with law enforcement, communication with stakeholders, and the extensive process of rebuilding the digital infrastructure. This real-world account offers crucial insights for businesses aiming to fortify their cybersecurity plans and safeguard against modern threats.


In conclusion, the key takeaways from the discussion include the importance of proactive preparation, clear communication protocols. Furthermore, Stevan emphasizes on the necessity of building strong relationships with law enforcement agencies. Stay tuned for part two of this conversation, where deeper insights into building resilience in the modern business landscape will be explored in the context of a cyberattack.




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