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Global Risk Expert Reveals Keys to Career Success with Stevan Bernard, CEO of Bernard Global LLC

In this extensive conversation between Guy Marong and cybersecurity veteran Steven Bernard, the CEO of Bernard Global, viewers are treated to a deep dive into the intricate world of risk management and career success. Steven’s illustrious career spans diverse sectors, including law enforcement, technology, and military service. Furthermore, this breadth of experience sets the stage for a rich exploration of his journey and insights.

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Exploring Steven Bernard’s Journey to Career Success and Insights


Five years ago, Steven founded Bernard Global, drawing on his expertise in risk mitigation, investigations, and strategic advice. His work has earned recognition from renowned organizations like the FBI and the State Department. Additionally, he collaborates with prestigious academic institutions such as Tel Aviv University, establishing himself as a leading figure in the field.


Moreover, Steven reflects on the challenges and triumphs that have shaped his career trajectory, offering valuable insights for achieving career success. He discusses transitioning from his role as Executive Vice President of Global Protection Services at Sony Pictures Entertainment to his current leadership position. His approach to leadership emphasizes adaptability, ethical conduct, and the importance of fostering strong professional relationships, providing valuable advice for those seeking to advance in their careers.


Navigating Security Challenges and Building a Successful Career


The conversation explores the unique demands of securing a multinational corporation such as Sony Pictures Entertainment. Additionally, ensuring the safety of personnel, assets, and intellectual property is paramount in such a setting. Steven’s experiences highlight the multifaceted nature of security operations, including risk assessments, journey management, and crisis response.


As the discussion unfolds, Steven shares invaluable career advice, stressing the significance of continuous learning, networking, and embracing diversity. He underscores the importance of self-awareness and ethical conduct in building a reputable career success personal brand within the cybersecurity industry.


Looking ahead, Steven and Guy hint at future episodes. These will explore topics such as resilience, physical security challenges, and emerging cybersecurity threats. You can anticipate an enlightening journey through the complex landscape of risk management and cybersecurity, thanks to Steven’s wealth of experience and Guy’s insightful questioning.



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