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From Bytes to Breaches: Career Insights with Forensic Cybersecurity Expert Jared Greenhill

Join us on an enlightening journey through the illustrious career of cybersecurity expert Jared Greenhill. He serves as Senior Director at Unit 42, Palo Alto Networks. Gain valuable insights into Jared’s trajectory, from his early encounters with computers to his current role as a seasoned professional in incident response and digital forensics.

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The discussion provides a comprehensive overview of Jared’s career journey in the cybersecurity field. Jared, a cybersecurity expert, begins by tracing his interest in computers back to his childhood. He also highlights his progression from help desk and systems administration roles to specializing in information security, particularly digital forensics and incident response.


Throughout his career, Jared recounts significant experiences, such as working as a malware analyst at US-CERT. He later joined RSA as an incident responder, where he traveled worldwide to investigate high-profile intrusions. He emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience and staying passionate about one’s area of interest. However, he also acknowledges the challenges and stress that come with such roles.


Transitioning to Sony, Jared led the digital forensics team, contributing to its growth and global incident response capabilities. He reflects on the rewarding aspects of mentoring and training others, which he continues to do through teaching roles at universities.


Jared further discusses his involvement in cybersecurity consulting, particularly within the realm of cyber insurance. Additionally, his eventual transition to Crypsis, a boutique incident response firm later acquired by Palo Alto Networks. He explains how the merger with Unit 42 allowed for the integration of threat intelligence into incident response services, enhancing their capabilities.


Insights from a Cybersecurity Expert: Advice for Aspiring Professionals


Offering advice to aspiring cybersecurity professionals, Jared emphasizes the importance of finding one’s passion within the field, staying specialized, and exploring diverse areas of study. He underscores the significance of networking and building relationships, which can be instrumental in career advancement.


In conclusion, Jared reflects on his career journey, expressing gratitude for the rewarding experiences and opportunities to contribute to the cybersecurity community. Jared remains dedicated to his role. He continues to lead technically and foster the development of the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. At the same time, he drives growth and innovation within his organization.



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