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Did Caesars Entertainment Pay $15M Ransom?

Shortly after the cyberattack on MGM Casino, Caesars Entertainment experienced a cyberattack where hackers stole a significant amount of customer data.

The attackers targeted the company’s loyalty program database, gaining access to sensitive information, including driver’s license numbers and Social Security numbers of numerous members. This breach was the result of a social engineering attack on an external IT vendor used by Caesars.

The exact number of individuals affected by the breach is unclear, but the incident had a significant impact. Caesars filed an 8-K notice with federal regulators, indicating the seriousness of the situation. To prevent the disclosure of stolen data, the hackers demanded a $30 million ransom, and reports suggest that Caesars paid approximately half of this amount.

Caesars took steps to have the stolen data deleted by the unauthorized actor, though it couldn’t guarantee the success of this effort. The response from Caesars raises questions about whether a ransom was paid, as implied by their actions. Authorities typically advise against paying ransoms in such cases.

Please see the information shared by Caesars about the incident here.

This incident underscores the importance of cybersecurity and the potential financial and reputation consequences of data breaches for businesses.



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