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Career Growth in Application Security: Tips and Wisdom from a Seasoned Professional

Featuring an illuminating conversation with Aditya Kakrania, the Managing Director of Security Innovation for the Asia Pacific region. Ady shares insights into his unusual career journey, fueled by his early passion for coding in high school. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in various disciplines before delving into cybersecurity during his college years in Florida. Ady’s experience and wisdom offers a roadmap for professionals looking to excel in application security and adapt to the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

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Unveiling the Cybersecurity Journey: Insights from Ady


In this conversation, the host, Guy Marong, interviews Ady to learn about his career growth. In the beginning, Ady recounts his early experiences working on security tools and penetration testing for web applications. This is the time when cybersecurity was just starting out. Despite lacking awareness initially, Ady’s research team recognized the importance of security. This recognition laid the foundation for his future career path.


After joining Security Innovation as a software developer, Ady quickly transitioned to penetration testing. He found his niche here in uncovering vulnerabilities in web applications. Additionally, he engaged in delivering training sessions for Fortune 100 companies. This experience was great for honing his skills as an instructor and deepening his understanding of cybersecurity.


Motivated by the untapped potential in Asia, Ady returned to India and founded his own firm, Red Fort Infosac, focusing on cybersecurity solutions. He eventually rejoined Security Innovation, leading the expansion of their India team and overseeing operations in the Asia Pacific region.


Mastering Application Security: Ady’s Career Tips


Throughout his career, Ady emphasizes the importance of documentation, risk assessment, and mentorship. He encourages young professionals to be selective about their mentors and advises them to explore the breadth of the cybersecurity domain rather than getting stuck in one area.


Reflecting on India’s evolution in technology and cybersecurity, Ady notes the significant growth and increased interest in the field. He stresses the importance of continuous learning and adapting to new challenges in cybersecurity.


Ady’s journey serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the importance of passion, mentorship, and continuous learning in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity. Stay tuned for more illuminating discussions on cybersecurity, as we delve deeper into application security and advanced topics with industry experts like Ady.


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