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How To Find and Protect Your Data: Unlocking the Power of ITsMine

In the ever-evolving landscape of information security, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Join us for an illuminating discussion as Guy Marong, Managing Partner of Cubic Consulting, sits down with Kfir Kimhi, CEO and Co-founder of ITsMine. This pioneering company is redefining information-centric security, tackling the complex challenges of protecting data in a world where information is continuously exchanged and diluted.

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Kfir explains that ItsMine, established six and a half years ago, focuses on safeguarding information regardless of its location, especially amid the surge in ransomware attacks that combine data leakage with encryption. Their innovative solution, termed “managed data protection” or “agentless Beyond DLP,” offers proactive defense against data loss and leakage. It can identify compromised files even during an attack, rendering them useless to attackers.


Kfir underscores the importance for companies to secure their files while sharing them with external parties like law firms, auditors, and strategic customers. He introduces ITsMine’s multi-layered approach to data protection, emphasizing the significance of monitoring and proactive measures. The system tracks every action on files across multiple platforms such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and local storage solutions, providing comprehensive visibility and control.


The solution employs a unique strategy of creating virtual “minefields” with decoy files that act as tripwires. These fake files mimic real company files, and any attempt to access or encrypt them triggers the isolation of the compromised system. This not only protects the actual data but also serves as a deterrent to potential ransomware attacks.


Kfir elaborates on the concepts of “zone defense” and “man-to-man defense” in data protection. Zone defense covers broad areas with minimal effort, using decoy files to prevent ransomware from encrypting files. Man-to-man defense targets specific high-risk areas or critical files requiring closer monitoring and more stringent security measures. This dual approach ensures comprehensive protection, adapting to both broad and targeted threats.


Additionally, Kfir discusses the integration of ITsMine with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), leveraging its powerful Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities. This integration allows users to protect files seamlessly within their existing Microsoft 365 environment without the need for additional tools. Making it possible to enhance data security while maintaining user convenience.


In conclusion, ITsMine leverages advanced technology and strategic approaches to deliver robust data protection. They address modern cyber threats and the need for secure information sharing in a collaborative environment. The company’s innovative solutions keep data safe whether it’s stored, being transferred, or actively used, across different platforms and environments.



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